About WHO in SEAR


The objective of the World Health Organization (hereinafter called the Organization) shall be the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.


In order to achieve its objective, the functions of the Organization shall be:

  • to act as the directing and co-ordinating authority on international health work;
  • to establish and maintain effective collaboration with the United Nations, specialized agencies, governmental health administrations, professional groups and such other organizations as may be deemed appropriate;
  • to assist Governments, upon request, in strengthening health services;
  • to furnish appropriate technical assistance and, in emergencies, necessary aid upon the request or acceptance of Governments;
  • to provide or assist in providing, upon the request of the United Nations, health services and facilities to special groups, such as the peoples of trust territories;
  • to establish and maintain such administrative and technical services as may be required, including epidemiological and statistical services;
  • to stimulate and advance work to eradicate epidemic, endemic and other diseases;